1. markymarkslatts asked: pls come to MI soon :( it's a subpar place but what's a subpar place between a fan and his favorite band

    My man you coming to bled fest?!?! Let’s hang there!!!


  2. promopanda asked: I need you. Atlanta needs you. I am Atlanta.

    Did you come to our last Atlanta show? We all were sick and Matt was puking in the parking lot! It was a great time tho!!!!!


  3. lifeandrootbeer asked: I absolutely cannot wait to see you guys, Frameworks and My Irong Lung on May 3rd. :') It's gonna be hella rad dudes. :) What's the setlist if you guys don't mind me asking???

    Yoooo we’re stoked as well!!! Dude we can’t spill the beans about the setlist :D ! Let’s drink some root beers together tho, for reals :D !!!



  5. "Old Maid" live at Little Elephant!!!


  6. We have two extra tickets for @skateandsurffest ! Like this video to enter for your chance to win!!!’ :D (at The Chevalier Farm - MN)


  7. allynewbold:

    Tiny Moving Parts l Photo: Ally Newbold

    (Source: allynewbold.com, via allynewboldphoto)


  8. Tiny Moving Parts - “Dakota” live @ Little Elephant Live!


  9. Hey Friends!!! We have a new Instagram account! We lost our password to the old one because we’re boozos. Come follow us, we’ll post silly things on the upcoming tours :D !!!! (at The Chevalier Farm - MN)


  10. We’re dipping into Canada for a little bit to play some shows on our way to BLED FEST! We’ll be doing a couple dates with Self Defense Family and a show with Old Gray and Frameworks! It’s gonna be awesome!!!